4th International Day of Yoga Celebrated in Unity

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Zonal Coordinators Soumya and Sonam instructing the common asana practice for villagers of Juna Katthiwada, Muljipura, Havelikheda and Golamba in Madhya Pradesh.

International Yoga Day 2018 was celebrated on Thursday across the world, including the villages where Amrita SeRVe is currently working. More than 1,200 adults and children from 35 villages in 18 states, came together to enjoy the celebrations along with their global brothers and sisters. To honour the annual event and bring about awareness and recognition of yoga, staff from Amrita SeRVe, AMMACHI Labs, Amrita CREATE, as well as internship students from Amrita University’s Live-in-Labs program (Amrita Center for International Programs – ACIP), and in Odisha including Amrita Vidyalayam, held a total of 24 events across the country. Although each event was unique in how the organisers made yoga day meaningful for the participants, the general program was alike in each location.

Health workers Seema and Kajal Ben along with one demonstrating pupil leading through asanas in Nani Borvai village in Gujarat.

Festivities started with lighting the lamp to begin the program, followed by welcoming speeches from chief guests discussing the health benefits of yoga on body, mind & spirit. They also shared how and when yoga day celebrations were initiated 4 years ago. Some events included discussing prominent role models in society and their views on yoga, such as our beloved Amma and respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Next came a guided yoga asana session to give participants a glimpse into the unifying world of yoga. In select locations, once the yoga sessions concluded, bhajans were led with the crowd joining in. In most places, the programs came to a harmonious close with everyone sharing some healthy snacks and drinks.

Students and staff from Amrita Vidyalayam Khorda supported the Amrita SeRVe team at the event in Guptapada village, Odisha, with students and teachers.

For photos from each event, see the album  posted on our Facebook page.

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