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A Gateway to Independence

Friday, 3rd November 2023
Amrita JSS-Vizianagaram
Andhra Pradesh

Pathivada Latha dropped out from Intermediate and needed help to complete her studies. She faced hardships in life following her father’s passing and the financial struggles of her family. She has an elder brother and sister. Her brother is a farmer. Her mother is a housewife. Determined to carve her own path, she embarked on a journey to become self-reliant. Latha enrolled in a beautician course at Amrita JSS – Vizianagaram through the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) project.

During the 35-day training, Latha diligently absorbed the intricacies of hairstyling, facials, manicures, pedicures, bridal makeup, Mehndi designs, and customer relations. The course not only imparted technical skills but also instilled a newfound sense of confidence within her.

Following the training, Latha decided to set up her own beauty parlour near her home. The skills and knowledge gained paved the way for her budding business. Despite the limited duration of the course, the impact was significant. Her determination and the valuable training from Amrita JSS empowered her to generate a monthly income of up to Rs. 10,000.

“This opportunity at Amrita JSS Vizianagaram was a beacon of hope in my life. It wasn’t just a course; it was a gateway to independence. The training transformed my skills and confidence, allowing me to create a livelihood for myself. I’m grateful for the guidance and support that showed me the way to employment and self-sustainability.”

Latha's own beauty parlour from outside.
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