A Life Lesson in Seva

by Akhila Ajith and Aada
Monday, August 29, 2016

Mountains and rivers are always a treat for the senses. So how about when the mountains are the Himalayas and the river is the Ganges? A lifetime moment when treat transforms to bliss! With the divine grace of Amma, we, a team of 10, went to the beautiful and serene Dunda village in Utharakhand.

The trip was part of the Amrita SeRVe Student Internship Program where Amrita University students spend two weeks in villages across the country to educate themselves about the lives of and challenges facing India’s rural people. We ultimately learned that it was not just a journey, but something beyond. Before answering to the question “why” of the rational mind, let me seek your pardon, for the space permits sharing of just one incident.

It was a fresh morning and our team happily hopped to the tuition centre to interact and help the children there. (We were fortunate enough to learn many things from them!) On the way, we saw a boy carrying bricks. We understood that he was shifting it from one place to another all alone. The call for duty enabled us to walk faster to the tuition class gifting the boy a sympathetic look and a pitiful sigh. 

On reaching the tuition class we got engaged in several academic and cultural activities. When it was noon, (the sun seemed to have waged a war with the hills), we found one of our team members missing—Gautham. Our search ended up in respect and love. He was happily helping the boy to shift bricks inspite of the scorching sun. Gautham smiled at us and waved to join.

This is a small incident. But it taught us a great life lesson. The materialistic head of man overshadows his humanistic heart. Ego and pride rules the world. But our brother reminded us of the values that were decaying within us. Gautham never complained; he never criticised; and he never boasted about his willingness. He just smiled and waved at our late souls! We joined him and gladly accomplished the job.

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