Amrita SeRVe is publishing various information material throughout the year to inform on its activities and communicate AMMA’s vision for The Amrita Self-Reliant Villages project.

Year Title Downloads
2023 Amrita JSS Report 2022-2023 English
2021 Nature is Love (eBook) English
2019 Amrita SeRVe – The First 5 Years (Brochure) English
2018 Agriculture activities (Pamphlet) English
2018 AmritaSREE (Brochure)
Self-Help Group Network
2017 Snapshots 2017 (Brochure) English
2017 20-Minute Yoga (Guide) English
2017 Swasth Kanya Sakshar Kanya (Brochure)
Girls’ Health and Education Campaign
2017 Wellbeing for all (Brochure)
Health Worker Program
2016 Imagine a transformation for Rural India (Report) English
2016 Snapshots 2016 (Brochure) English
2016 Amrita SeRVe in Action (Brochure) English
2015 Activities Report 2014-15 English
2015 Snapshots 2015 (Brochure) English
2015 Transforming Rural India (Brochure) English
2014 Transforming Rural India (Brochure) English
2013 Transforming Rural India (Brochure) English
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