Amrita SeRVe Education Centre of Gantyada Open 



Thursday, August 24th 2023
Andhra Pradesh

In Korlam village of Gantyada in Andhra Pradesh, children gathered in a class room with their teacher G. Rupa of a new Amrita SeRVe Education Centre. Tilashya, Kartik, Teja, Bhavia, Rohit and 26 more little pupils along with JSS representors celebrated inauguration by lighting a lamp in front of Amma’s picture and chanting prayers on 22th of August 2023.

The school children from classes 1-7 enthusiastically smiled while receiving new pens and books marking the fresh start of the learning season. They will be studying every school day guided by the after-school tuition teacher and having her support.

The new Amrita SeRVe Education Centre in Korlam village is the second in order; the first one was inaugurated in Kerala earlier the same month.

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