Awareness is the First Step 

Wednesday, March 13,  2019
Valaramkunnu, Wayanad, Kerala

Valaramkunnu, Kerala: On March 10, Mananthavadi officers from Tribal Department and Excise Department addressed over 60 villagers on the topic of alcohol and tobacco use. The ill-effects of substance abuse such as alcohol, tobacco and kanjaavu (ganja) were further discussed. Organized by Amrita SeRVe village coordinator, Haridas, the community hall event was also attended by Anganwadi (pre-school) teacher.

“Overall decrease in alcohol and tobacco use can be seen as people gain more awareness. The youth in the village are not consuming alcohol, but tobacco chewing was prevalent. Awareness has led to reduction in tobacco consumption among youth but they are still chewing betel leaf,” said Haridas. “A slow change in habits is also possible when the necessary support is given,” he concluded.

Realizing that this initial gathering was merely a first step, community members have invited the officers to return for further awareness building sessions.

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