Bal Swachhata Week in Anganwadis and Schools

Wednesday, November 14,  2018

100 children are cleaning their school premises with the principal, teachers and Amrita SeRVe staff in Haryana.

Children’s Day, Bal Diwas, is celebrated on the 14th of November with the aim of increasing awareness, care, rights and education of the children in India. Amrita SeRVe is launching Bal Swachhata Week by instituting a five-day campaign of cleanliness in the villages, promoting hygiene in all the educational facilities of children.

Bal Swachhata Mission, which is the inspiration for this campaign, was started by the Government of India four years ago to support the Swachh Bharat, Clean India Mission. In order to also involve children in this Clean India Campaign, the Bal Swachhata Mission was founded. It aims at raising awareness among children and youth by conveying the importance of personal cleanliness and hygiene, as well as caring for the surroundings and public places. This kind of practical education and involvement in relevant activities will help the future generation of this country to apply such values from an early age.

The first day is dedicated to cleanliness in and around the Anganwadi, which is a center where children below six years get pre-school teaching, and pregnant and lactating mothers are offered health and nutrition services. As these groups are more vulnerable to infections, all surroundings and facilities must be kept clean at all times.

Following days will include awareness on clean school, clean child, clean food, and clean water and toilet. Activities include cleaning Anganwadis, schools, playgrounds and hand pumps. Roleplays and speeches are rehearsed to be performed during the closing ceremony of the campaign.

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