Guptapada, Odisha

Celebrate Health and Wellbeing

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Women, men and children across our villages gathered on international Menstrual Hygiene Day this Sunday not only to discuss female needs but also to celebrate what it means to be a woman. This year’s theme is from powerless to empowerment—education about menstruation changes everything.

More than four hundred people across the country—including men in some places—sat together for motivational songs, awareness videos, and to discuss menstrual issues, home remedies, and environmental benefits of cloth pads over plastics.

The gatherings are an immense achievement as the issue of menstruation is something that over the past few centuries has been hushed to a secret and even gathered shame. This is despite the fact that it is a natural occurrence required for the reproduction of the human race.

In addition, one of Amrita SeRVe’s key training projects for income generation in the villages is the production of reusable cloth pads which go by the brand name Saukhyam. Although in its beginning stages, the project is already bringing success to tailors, both in the form of income and accolades.

Dunda, Himachal Pradesh
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