Claiming the Coach 

Wednesday, November 21,  2018

Sports training ground is located on the top of the hill in Valaramkunnu village.

Every morning at 6 AM about 20 young men are gathering on the top of the hill in Valaramkunnu, Wayanad. They are starting their day with a sport camp. For 1.5 hours physical exercises are done with two coaches who are physical education trainers from the nearby school.

The village boys and village coordinator Haridas came up with the idea to start a constant practice with those who are immensely interested in sports. Last week, they registered as a club: the ‘Amrita Adivasi Arts and Sports Club’. This group organized the sport camp.

The boys are used to climbing the hills, playing football, volleyball and basketball on their own. Especially, they wanted to get more football coaching, so the focus of the camp is on practicing and learning the rules and regulations of the game.

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