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Designing Full Wedding Collection

November 2023

Seamstresses are in high demand in Nongrah village in East Khasi Hills. Balahunlang Wahlang designed and stitched full wedding dress collection from children to adult women. The results are amazing.

Balahunlang got an order from her friend to design and tailor a collection of wedding dresses. One dress from idea of design to wearable dress took a minimum one week to prepare. The more detailed dresses took maximum 10 to 15 days to stitch in her boutique.

“Yes, it needed a lot of hard work, vision and time. Hand work usually takes time in making of a wedding dress,” Balahunlang describes the process. The customer is also paying accordingly. The dresses were ready on the grand celebration day.

Balahunlang Wahlang had already some self-learned skills on tailoring, but she wanted to develop more. “The training brought by Amrita JSS to our village has empowered me with valuable tailoring skills, not only for my benefit but also to serve others. I embarked on a transformative journey through the Assistant Dress Maker training organized by Amrita JSS – East Khasi Hills at Nongrah Training Center.”

“Over the course of 80 days, I refined my craft in stitching, creating everything from baby clothes to mermaid dresses for personal use.” Her reputation of crafting beautiful designs was noticed and the order of whole collection of wedding dresses came in.

She has more plans in store: “As I near the completion of this training, I aspire to launch my own business, given the opportunity. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Amrita JSS and the resource person for this life-changing opportunity and the high-quality training that has enriched my tailoring skills,” she concludes.

Hameda Mawthoh is the resource person who oversees the Assistant Dress Maker training at Nongrah Training Centre. She comments of her role as facilitating new directions on dress makers carriers. “Over a span of 80 days, I had the privilege of training individuals in this program. I am elated that the Government has taken the initiative to foster self-reliance and independence within our community.”

The trainer is happy to contribute to new batches of dress makers: “Through this training, Amrita JSS has enabled us to acquire valuable skills and paved the way for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Amrita JSS-East Khasi Hills for providing me with the opportunity to contribute as a trainer in this program,” Hameda says.

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