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Determination to Create A Better Future

Friday, 3rd November 2023
Bobbili, Andhra Pradesh

Marada Padmavathi’s journey from Dibbagudivalasa to success is nothing short of inspiring. After facing economic difficulties and relocating with her family to Vizianagaram District, Padmavathi had a boy and a girl, and both of them are studying in Government Colleges for pursuing degree. Her husband is a farmer who earns a meagre income to support their family. Determined to create a better future, she searched for opportunities. Despite her limited academic qualifications, her perseverance and a stroke of good fortune led her to Amrita Jan Shikshan Sansthan-Vizianagaram’s Assistant Hand Embroidery course, offered free of charge in her area.

During the 105-day training, Padmavathi acquired valuable skills in Maggam work, Hand Embroidery, and Painting. The training not only enhanced her creativity but also equipped her with the expertise to create beautiful sarees. As her confidence grew, she began training new students at the same location, sharing her newfound knowledge and expertise.

In April 2023, Padmavathi and her family returned to their hometown, Bobbili, where they rented a shop and invested three lakhs rupees she got from the Rural Development Bank, Bobbili, in the business. Now, she weaves and stitches intricate Maggam works and creates lovely paintings in her shop. Her dedication and hard work have paid off, and her monthly net income now stands at 20,000 rupees.

In her own words, Padmavathi says, “I am very happy to say that I owe my success to Amrita JSS-Vizianagaram. Their free training program transformed my life. I am now a self-reliant woman, running a successful business in my hometown. This course has given me not just the skills but also the confidence to make my dreams come true. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity.” Padmavathi’s success story is a testament to the power of skill development and the positive impact it can have on an individual’s life.

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