Earth Day 2018 Celebrated in Amrita SeRVe Villages Across the Country

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Maira village in Punjab

Annual Earth Day was celebrated in Amrita SeRVe villages by conducting various activities and awareness sessions. Amrita CREATE organized the functions and the venues were local tuition centers. In the cooperation of tuition teacher, health worker and village coordinator, lots of seed balls were made out of fruits, trees and vegetables. Also, many trees were planted together.

Komalikudi village in Kerala

The day could start with yoga and Amala Bharatam Campaign, cleanliness drive where a certain area of the village is cleaned spotless. Children of these villages have adopted a culture to take care of the tidiness of their village.

Dunda village in Uttarakhand

In many places tuition teacher gave a session about values and importance of protecting the nature, trees giving us earth dwellers oxygen, and protecting us from too much heat rising up.

Rampur village in Karnataka

Children, and in some places also SHG members, made seed balls according the local biodiversity. In Odisha children were rolling teak and cashew nut seed balls. In Kerala seed balls were made out of orange, jackfruit, mango, papaya and mulberry seeds.

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