Eco-Friendly Vermi beds Regenerate Soil



Friday, June 7,  2019

Malgaon, Chhattisgarh

Malgaon village farmers are expecting positive effects upon the soil through an experimental approach to composting using Vermi beds. On June 4, just  before Environment Day, new Vermi beds arrived free of cost.

Vermi beds are provided by the District Horticulture Department (DHD) of Kondagaon as a subsidy for farmers’ groups. After observing the village lemongrass project, Dr. Sahu (DHD) had expressed his interest in the farmers thoughts and ideas. So when the Amrita SeRVe representatives visited him, he was happy to offer his support.

In celebration of World Environment Day (5th June) at Malgaon village, the eco-friendly Vermi beds were raised and trees were planted. Now 17 lemongrass  farmers are cultivating 34 Vermi beds, which are expected to compost with high values of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).  

The layers are composed of soil, cow dung and plant leaves from distilled lemongrass. To moisturize the beds, a liquid mixture of cow dung and water is added. In 90 days, the compost is ready for use.  Pleased with this new initiative, the farmers are making plans for permanent Vermi beds.

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