Eruvaka Purnima Celebrated in Gudipadu Cheruvu

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Puja offering to Lord Ganapati.

Eruvaka puja* was performed in Gudipadu Cheruvu village in Andhra Pradesh. The festival is celebrated during monsoon (rainy season) and also included in the official list of festivals by the state government. All farming villages in the whole state celebrated this festival where government officials also participated.

Eruvaka festival is celebrated annually on Ashada full moon day as per Telugu calendar. This year it fell on Thursday 28th June 2018.

One member of every farming family will break a coconut and offer worship to Ganapati.

In Gudipadu Cheruvu, members of every farming household participated in the puja offered to Lord Ganesh to bless and bring prosperity for successful cultivation. After puja, prasad (blessed offering) was distributed to everyone. Cultivation starts immediately after the ceremonies.

Preparations before the event incited to restore the temple, which has not been in use for four years. Renovating and painting the construct was delicately done. The surrounding area of the temple was cleaned. Village coordinator Mallikarjun is going to plant flower trees on the temple premises to appreciate as sacred ground.

Renovating the Ganapati temple before festivities.

* Puja is a form of ritualistic worship, directed at removing obstacles from our lives. When starting any new trial or work, a puja is offered to Lord Ganapati. Ganapati is another name of Ganesh, God who removes obstacles.

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