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From Training to Pursuing Livelihood

Saturday, 21th October, 2023
East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya

”Hello, I’m Florida Nengnong, a certified beauty care assistant. I successfully completed my three-and-a-half-month training at Smit Village in Lari Beauty Parlour,” she is speaking happily during her certificate convocation. Amrita JSS-East Khasi Hills provided her training.

”I honed my skills in various beauty care techniques. This training has equipped me with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the beauty industry. I am now eager to embark on a fulfilling career in a beauty parlour by starting my own business.” Her dreams had got the right tools to blossom.

We all have dreams of having the ability to work and, therefore, lead a meaningful life. The capacity to work meaningfully for each of us requires skills and training.

Another example is the story of Casandra Mawlong. She is from Mawlynrei village of Shillong in Meghalaya state. Casandra was unemployed, searching for a job. She heard from the village authority about the Food Processing Training to be started by Amrita JSS-East Khasi Hills in her village. The training suited her, and she learned food processing. After the certification, Amrita JSS informed her about the job vacancy provided by M/S Delicacies Food Processing Centre at Mawpram village. Being unemployed before the training, she was interviewed and selected for the job. Since April 2023, she has worked as a helper in the food processing centre, earning a monthly salary of ₹6000.

Amrita JSS- East Khasi Hills

Amrita JSS has been extending its services to the downtrodden people of East Khasi Hills district since its launch in 2022. The main objective is to seek the overall development of the district’s residents by improving their quality of life. The program primarily serves a population of urban and rural inhabitants, members of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes who often live in poverty.

To understand the rural people’s problem, the Amrita JSS-EKH team visited 70 villages and met the village heads and the self-help groups (SHGs) of each village. Based on the ground report collected from the field survey, eleven courses were selected that are much-needed and helpful for the beneficiaries. Amrita JSS-East Khasi Hills (EKH) have many collaborative partners, such as local agencies and the Meghalaya State Rural Livelihoods Society. So far, our resource persons have already trained more than 1600 beneficiaries in 30 villages.

Many life stories have succeeded when the right aid and training are provided. One is of Lasukjanai Mawlong, who lives in a village on the outskirts of Shillong City, the capital of Meghalaya state in northeast India. The capital city is within the district of East Khasi Hills, which has 1003 villages in 11 blocks.

Lasukjanai has six family members. Unemployed, with the burden of supporting her entire family, Lasukjanai started searching for a job. She learned from the village authority about the Food Processing Training by Amrita JSS – East Khasi Hills in her village. She was a good student.

After certification, Amrita JSS-EKH helped her to get employed at M/S Delicacies Food Processing Centre in Mawpram village. Since the training, she has worked as a helper at the Centre. Now, she earns the same salary as Casandra, 6000 rupees per month, which is enough for her family’s monthly expenses.

On the skill convocation day

All graduates are grateful for having completed their training in various fields. There are assistant dressmakers, beauticians, tailors, plumbers, assistant electricians and many more.

One of them is Ravina, who introduces herself naturally: “I am Ravina Rahapal, from Laban, Shillong. I successfully completed my training in the Assistant Dress Maker course at Anjali Gurudwara village. In the training, the trainer has taught me both theory and practical, in which I have acquired various skills. After the completion of the course, I feel that I’m confident enough to start my own business.” During the course, Amrita JSS has also provided the necessary information about the start-up of her own business.  

So, I thank Amrita JSS East Khasi Hills for introducing this course and giving me the opportunity to become skilled in tailoring,” she concludes. Financial independence by using one’s acquired skills is now a reality. It brings fulfilment to their lives.  


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