Grandma’s Ramayana

April 22, 2020

Amrita Balasamskriti, an educational initiative by M.A. Math is introducing Grandma’s Ramayana through a series of episodes, which appeals to the young and the old. It is the story of Prince Rama and his victory over Ravana, narrated by a wise grandmother to her young grandson Unni. In these video series, the stories are narrated both in English and Malayalam.

“Brahma Yajna teaches us to acquire knowledge from reading scriptural books, which we should share with others.” – Riya, 14


Indeed, the Gurukulam students are learning scriptural stories and celebrating the festivals dedicated to the deities. The Ramayana stories are narrated to the children in Gurukulas by the teacher. In every session, previously heard chapter is discussed and a new one is introduced. Along with storytelling method, to help to remember the happenings, children are using their artistic skills by painting the favourite characters or events in the story.

On Rama Navami day 21st April, the children started the regular session by recollecting the story of Rama’s birth.

The students are practicing Brahma Yajna by narrating the stories to other Gurukulam children in different states via online meetings.

The teacher is narrating the Ramayana in Uttarakhand.
Children in Odisha are studying together.
Valmiki by Jayadev, 11 years. Gujarat

View full playlist for Malayalam episodes here.

View full playlist for English episodes here.

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