Guru Purnima, 2017 - Indpur, Himachal Pradesh

Gratitude to the Guru

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Guru Purnima was celebrated by more than 1,100 people across Amrita SeRVe villages today.  Prayers, bhajans and Arati were sung to Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, our Amma.

A wish is resounding across the country to thank Amma for all her work to empower the people of rural India.  Amma teaches that for many millennia, a completely self-reliant village was at the centre of life in India. A vibrant culture that evolved over thousands of years guided how to lead prosperous lives from all aspects—physically, mentally and spiritually. To revive this tradition is one of the key goals of our work. This would not only benefit villagers, but also be a beacon of strength and union around the world.

Today in the villages, children also performed Pada Puja to their parents, as is the custom, to thank them for their selfless work guiding and caring for their lives in the world.

“All human relationships are like two small streams flowing along side of each other. The Guru-disciple relationship is entirely different,” explains Amma. “The disciple’s experience is that of a person standing under the powerful flow of the Ganges as it falls from the heavens onto the hair of Lord Shiva and from there onto Earth. The Spiritual master’s divine presence and endless flow of grace helps to purify the disciple.”

These children in Maira, Punjab performed Pada Puja to their mothers today.
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