Health Workers Week – Hand Washing  

Thursday, April 4,  2019
Amrita SeRVe Villages

During Health Worker Week (1-7 April), many activities are done in the villages with a lead of Amrita SeRVe health worker. Health workers and village coordinators are constantly paying attention to children cleanliness. They are teaching hand washing practices whenever it is necessary to remind of its importance. Now the children are becoming cleanliness ambassadors in their communities.

Every day has a theme to create awareness with practical guidance. Oral rehydration solution (ORS) is prepared with children and SHG women. To prevent water bourne diseases such as malaria, drinking water facilities were checked carefully. Balanced diet awareness included promotion of kitchen gardening to grow own vegetables. The whole week will culminate in healthy lifestyle happenings like yoga classes and Amala Bharatam Cleanliness (ABC) drives.

Here is a collection of photos of hand washing sessions.

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