Internship Students Repair Roof for Tuition Children



Monday, June 24,  2019

Guptapada, Odisha

A temporary roof made of local bamboo and purchased tarpaulin was completed in one day.

Amrita university’s internship students repaired the Amrita center roof in Guptapada village, Odisha, which was damaged in a cyclone in May. A temporary roof made oflocal bamboo and purchasedtarpaulin was completed in oneday. The Amrita center after-school tuition program, which had been moved to the school premises, can now continue under the temporary roof.

Upon arriving at the village and noticing the hole, theuniversity students connected with Amrita SeRVe village coordinatorAshit, about making plans to repair it.

“We repaired the Amrita centre roof under Harishs guidance,” Naren, one of the students, explained.  “Harish and Athira (faculty staff) always encouraged us when we felt low seeing the condition. He managed the expense for the repairs.”

Action plan meeting with Amrita staff.

Prior tothe trip to Guptapada, Narens parents had encouraged him to participate inthe internship, emphasizing that through visiting villages we gain knowledge about our country, which is a good experience.

Reflecting upon his observations of the internship, Naren says that “the villagers seemed happy with whatever they had. But they were also happy to see a group like us reaching out and interacting with them. Live-in-labs reaches so many villages. I’m so satisfied to have been a part of this.”

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