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Journey from Dreams to Triumph

Sunday, 5th November 2023
Idukki, Kerala

Chitramani’s life story is a testament to the power of determination and resilience. She has not only achieved her most cherished dream but has also earned the admiration and recognition of her family along the way.

She was born in Chenkara, Idukki. When her father was 48 years old, Chitramani faced early challenges that shaped her path. At the tender age of 12, her father’s health took a downturn, rendering him bedridden and unable to work. The responsibility of supporting the family fell on her mother’s shoulders. Despite these hardships, Chintamani managed to complete her education up to the 9th standard.

Her life took another turn at the age of 18 when she entered a married life. However, her dream of becoming a skilled tailor had always burned brightly within her, a dream she had developed since childhood.

Her desire to learn the art of tailoring faced obstacles as the fees for training were prohibitive, and it seemed unattainable.

Chitramani’s fortunes changed when she discovered a lifeline in the form of Amrita JSS-Idukki, her friend informed her about the tailoring class, and she joined the class at Amrita JSS Idukki sub-centre Chenkara.

Gaining valuable experience and honing her skills determined to realize her dream, Chitramani took the bold step of setting up a tailor shop near her home after renting a suitable space.

Today, she is not only self-reliant but earns a stable income that exceeds 15,000 rupees per month.

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