Krishi Mela in Jharkhand

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Thirty-eight farmers in Devgain, Jharkhand joined forces to attend Kisan Mela-cum-Krishi Jagriti Abhiyan—an agricultural fair organised by the state government. The Chief Minister and Agriculture Minister were present to administer the day’s events.

Our village coordinator, Chandan Singh, got together with the villagers some time ago to form the farmers’ group. Now they are in the process of officially registering the farmers and then getting seeds for arhar, urad and moong dal for organic cultivation.

The farmers are also becoming well versed in the government schemes available for agriculture, livestock breeding, employment opportunities, health, soil testing, agricultural insurance, and usage of agricultural tools in subsidy.

To attend yesterday’s event, the agriculture department arranged a bus for the Devgain farmers. Sukham Tigga from Devgain was one of the farmers of the days’ events to receive seeds directly from the hands of Chief Minister Raghuwar Das and Agriculture Minister Randir Kumar Singh.

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