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April, Wednesday, 15, 2020

“Namaste all viewers! My name is Chetram and I want to send a message about Coronavirus mahamari (pandemic). This is my friend Malkhan on the dholak drum. This is a song about a wife telling her husband how to be safe from Coronavirus.”

Usually, Lok Geet is a public gathering to sing songs to tell stories expressing thoughts and emotions through music. During this lockdown period, two neighbours of Harirampura village recently composed a song about Coronavirus instructions containing a story form. A wife is telling her husband to stay home, wash hands and keeping distance of two meters when performing necessary duties or work.

The song is in Rajasthani dialect and was shared by WhatsApp to all to lift the spirit up.

“You are my dearest so
I’m telling lovingly to you:
Don’t go out, stay at home…”
(freely translated)

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