Checking blood pressure and heart rate in Dunda, Uttarakhand.

Making Home Visits for Health

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Amrita SeRVe Health Workers are communicating care to villagers in a forward looking way. Each day, they visit homes to check in with families about what is going on. Like this, illnesses have a better chance of being detected early and actions for holistic wellbeing can be better encouraged.

A minimum of eight homes in each community is visited per day. Of course, overall health is the always examined. In addition, these are checked:

  • Child immunisation
  • Care for pregnant women
  • Monitoring of kitchen gardens
  • Family planning register
  • Visits to Anganwadis
  • Tracking visits to health centres and hospitals
  • Yoga attendance
  • Overall health indicators

The practice is not only helping with maintaining better health and wellbeing for the villagers, but it is also strengthening their relationship with the health workers so that such vital information can be better shared.

Meeting with a new mother in Deurbal, Chattisgarh.
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