More Face Mask Orders  

May 26, 2020
Ichari, Bihar

Recently, a new face mask stitching order for 10,000 masks was placed in Ichari village, Bihar, by panchayat mukhiya, RP Singh. The cloths for the mask were brought, cut and equally divided for 14 women, who are also AMMACHI Labs tailoring students.

Village head RP Singh took these practical actions needed since returning migrant workers, who were stranded in Ahmedabad, have finally reached their homes in surrounding villages. Currently all 62 people are accommodated and quarantined in the village panchayat house.

Amrita staff are also taking care of the people in quarantine by providing food and basic necessity items. They are continuously checking on them if they need any help. Face masks, soap and detergents were distributed. Awareness on the importance of maintaining social distance is provided. Ichari school staff joined to sustain the food supply.

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