A Day in the Life – 3: Ratanpur & Hadiabad, Bihar

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Amrita SeRVe works with hamlets in these villages where people face some of the most difficult life challenges. Poverty affects all of them. Malnutrition is found equally in adults and children and the community faces many government delays and high corruption. Still, villagers find ways to survive.

Learning Holistic Health

“All villages should be like this,” said Amma to the 24 women from nine different states who completed health worker training at the end of February. The program focuses on how to take a holistic approach to improve the health of people in villages.

In Seva for Ugadi

“Ugadi is a cultural festival but we also wanted Gramaseva,” says Raghunath Vasireddy, a student from Amrita University. He was one of the fifty students and five faculty members who joined together to do seva in Komalikudy, Kerala during the Telugu new year.


Tathi Sings for Ugadi

As part of the Ugadi events in Komalikudy, the students from Andhra begged Tathi, one of the village elders, to sing. It took some convincing, but finally she opened her beautiful voice–and heart–for all to share.


A Handful of Seeds

Ancient societies practised the roots of what we today call ecological sustainability and social self-reliance. Although today living in harmony with Nature is disappearing, there are still some secret sources of such wisdom. 

When Nothing is your Own

Sometimes when we live around Amma, events of true giving arise from places of such compassion, it never ceases to surprise. The results go beyond what could’ve even been imagined. The story of Pandit Arun Sharmaji is one of these stories.

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