One Child’s Life Saved

Thursday, June 29, 2017

A one-month-old baby who was at risk of death in our village in Deurbal, Chattisgarh was taken to hospital in time.

When Jamuna, our village coordinator, visited the home this week, the mother told her the baby had stopped taking breast milk and she was extremely worried. Jamuna remembered that this is a sign of pneumonia, as per health training.

Mother and child.

Jamuna got the baby and parents immediately assembled and they went to hospital. Pneumonia was, in fact, the doctor’s diagnosis. After the start of treatment, the baby’s condition quickly improved and the baby began taking mother’s breast milk again.

One of the key goals of Amrita SeRVe’s training for its Health Workers and Village Coordinators is to make them aware of the signs of impending health conditions so that treatment can happen in time.

Hospitals, doctors, and health care centres are often distant and early warning signs can be the key to saving lives.

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