Organic Certification Granted to Sadivayal Farmers’ Group



Monday, February 17, 2020
Sadivayal, Tamil Nadu

Sadivayal became our first organic agriculture certified village in Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu. Amrita SeRVe started organic farming with this group of 20 tribal farmer families in May 2016. The farmers’ group Amrita Vyavasayam Kulu was registered under the Cooperative Society Act and maintains a joint bank account.

Since 2018, Amrita SeRVe has been working with the Tamil Nadu Organic Certification Department, the government office, which applies the standards set by the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP). For this purpose, the farmers needed to apply for land deeds and the soil was examined by officers several times over the last two years.

The certificate covers the production of mixed vegetables, mango and rice. The land is subjected to annual inspections for maintaining the status. This empowers farmers to receive more value for their produce and thereby increases their annual income.

The farmers were guided by the Quality Manager Eapan Vettath (not in the photo), Evaluator Irene Priyadarshini (right) of the Tamil Nadu Organic Certification Department and Amrita SeRVe agriculture expert Sreeni KR (left).
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