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Owning Confidence, Owning Business

Wednesday, 25th, 2023
Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh

One of the aims of Amrita JSS is to enable youth to find a suitable profession by providing skills training. The vocational training centre in Vizianagaram was sanctioned in 2021, and till now, 2700 beneficiaries have completed their courses.


Even in the short period of its existence, the Amrita JSS-Vizianagaram has conducted 20 batches of Assistant Dress Maker courses, preparing students to start their own businesses. Here, two young women offered their stories for inspiration to many.


My name is K. Geetha. I studied up to intermediate. My family is residing in Dharmapuri village inVizianagaram. My father’s name is Appalaraju, and he was working at Marbles, Tiles Godown. Mother’s name is Vijaya, and she is a housewife. My father’s income is not sufficient for the financial needs of the family. Because of that, when I was thinking of earning by working independently, I learned through a friend that they are training in tailoring at the Amrita JSS. I participated in the course for 105 days in tailoring. Our madam taught us well. After the training and certification, I am currently working using the opportunities that came with my machine at my home. I have stitched frocks, blouses, gowns, nighties and all items. I am earning around 5000 to 6000 rupees per month. I get the orders from my friends and family members. This gave me a lot of confidence. I hope to develop further in the future. I want to thank Amrita JSS-Vizianagaram for showing me the way to self-employment.

Another dressmaker is Neelima, who studied till 7th class. Her husband, Prasad, works in a private company. They have two kids, one boy and one girl. The husband’s income was not enough to meet the household’s financial needs, so Neelima wanted to offer her financial support.


To start my own business, I joined Amrita JSS’s course. After training and certification, I work with my sewing machine near my home. I stitch various items like dresses, nighties, blouses, and baby frocks. I am earning around 5000 rupees per month. Now, I have a lot of self-confidence. In future, I would like to start a business with my friends if there is an opportunity.


Neelima also would like to express her gratitude to Amrita JSS-Vizianagaram, who showed the way to self-employment.


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