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Popular Courses Guarantees Income for Youth

Wednesday, 25th October, 2023
Kalahandi, Odisha

Namaskar, my name is Babita Jal. I have completed the free beauty parlour course at Kesinga from Amrita JSS-Kalahandi. Today was our last assessment day,” she says when giving the course feedback.


Our teacher Ms. Bishi, trained us very well and gave us so much time to learn. We learned hair styling, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow shaping, and different styles of wearing sarees, such as Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Marwari, and simple sarees. She has taught us very well, and we have learned very well. We also learned hair design, haircutting, and all types of facials, and head massages. Sometimes, other senior staff from the office would check our classes and ensure that all facilities were available and that we had all the beauty products we needed to train. By taking this beauty course, I will be independent and earn a livelihood by opening a beauty parlour. I am very thankful to Amrita JSS for providing this facility,” the gratitude is genuine when the prospects for self-sufficient livelihood is at hand.

Babita studied one of the most popular courses, which had 399 other students during the period of 2022-2023. There are a total of 12 courses offered in Amrita JSS-Kalahandi. The vocational training centre was sanctioned in 2021. Until now, the trained number of all the beneficiaries is 2700, male and female. The most popular courses are beautician and assistant dress-making courses. Both had 400 participants in the latest batches of the season.

The courses are also offered in two/three-wheeler mechanics, filled with male students.


Jaleswar Meher lives in Parmanandpur and trained in a 180-day course on Automotive repair. He said that he is from a very poor family, and being the only boy in the house, the responsibility of the whole household was on him. “Then, I came to know from a friend of mine that Amrita JSS-Kalahandi is giving free training for vocational courses. I decided to join the Automotive course. After completing training and receiving a Skill India Certificate, I started working as a workshop manager at Royal Enfield, Bhawanipatna. Now, I am earning 12,000 rupees per month. Thank you very much for allowing me to learn under your guidance; the support given was countless and unforgettable,” he says.


Jaleswar has two other coursemates who got themselves employed as well. Saroj Kumar Meher, a young man from a remote village near the course centre struggled to find employment opportunities after completing his high school education. Despite his efforts to find work, he faced several obstacles. Lack of skills and access to resources were hindrances until he came across the Amrita JSS-Kalahandi, which provides vocational training to youth in rural areas.


One offered course was automotive repair, which caught Saroj’s interest. The three-month course fit perfectly to him. ”Now, I am earning 10,000 rupees per month as a mechanic supervisor at Royal Enfield in Bhawanipatna,” he says gladly.  Thanks to Amrita JSS-Kalahandi for the valuable training. I enjoyed it!”


Another inspirational account comes from Bhawani Sankar Goud. After finishing his 10th grade, he was staying at home when he met Bulu Pulai, the Program Officer of Amrita JSS, Kalahandi.


I came to know about the vocational courses taught by Amrita JSS-Kalahandi.  I joined the Automotive technician course. For 180 days, I learned so many things during the training period. Before training, I was unemployed. Now, I work at Jagannath Motors in Bhawanipatna as a mechanic, and my monthly income is 12,000 to 15,000 rupees. I can make a good living and support my family. I am grateful for having this opportunity to make a decent income, and I am happy with my livelihood,” he concludes.

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