Prayer of Lights



April, Sunday, 5, 2020

Tamil Nadu

“In kindness, we can find the courage to persevere through the worst of times. As coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world, Sadivayal villagers lit lamps in front of their houses and also in the temple. Their prayers are not only for themselves but for all; those people who are infected with COVID-19, facing quarantine, and for entire humanity,” tells Sreeni KR, Amrita SeRVe’s agricultural program officer.

The lamps were lit every night for the last seven days.

Today, all India is participating to light lamps in the evening at 9 p.m. for nine minutes on appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Sadivayal’s Irula tribals are staying in their homes in the midst of Bholapetty Reserve Forest where, in general, visitors are very regulated. The forrest officials are keeping track that the visitors are out from the forest by sunset. Now, during the spread of Coronavirus, the village is even more locked down. The villagers have been informed by the officials to stay in their premises, and were provided with information on how to stay safe.

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