Prevention Flattens the Curve



March, Saturday, 21, 2020

Amrita Education Centers in the Amrita SeRVe villages have been closed until further notice to prevent spreading the corona virus as per Ministry of Health instructions.

The Amrita staff have been raising awareness on health since the project commenced. In this present situation, the local staff in the villages have been informing villagers to protect themselves of this pandemic virus.

Advising preventing measures have been instructed in small self-help group meetings and home visits. Gathering of more than 10 members is not advisable. Also, social distancing is highly advised. People are asked to stay in the village and not to allow anyone to visit inside in the community.

If anyone having symptoms of cold, cough and fever, are asked to go to the doctor when needed.

Amrita SeRVe’ Gurukulam students have been provided easy homework, which can be done in their own homes during the time of general quarantine.

इन चरणों के साथ अपने हाथों को सावधानी से धोएं
Wash your hands carefully with these steps.

Here are simple health awareness guidelines to follow:

Hand wash with water and soap thoroughly at least for 20 seconds.

Use cloth to cover mouth and nose especially when previous disease have occurred or if belonging to the risk group (tuberculosis, cancer, heart disease).

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Sneezing or coughing: use a handkerchief or bend elbow to cover mouth and nose.

Don’t shake hands or touch others.

Keep a distance of 1 meter between the persons.

Keep check in the community of sick and help when needed.

When symptoms occur, rest at home and consume remedies. Visit doctor when needed.

Meditate and pray.

For daily use and to increase immune system: drink warm (boiled) water mixed into ginger, lemon and honey. Buttermilk: mix 200ml curd to 1 ½ liter water, add two chillies, some ginger, and half lemon, little salt. Smash all ingredients and mix. Drink during the day.
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