Ramayana Epic Develops Devotion

August 2020

During the monsoon season in Kerala, one month is specifically dedicated to the Ramayana. This year, the ‘Ramayana month’ was from July to August.

It is widely believed that reading and meditating upon the Ramayana epic benefits both the reader and society. Amma reminds us that when we read this epic, we can easily apply the virtues of the Sun dynasty characters into our own lives, even in the present time. Narrating and hearing the Ramayana develops devotion for the divine.

It is said that in ancient times, divine beings came to earth and that many great kings are descendants of these gods. Lord Sri Ram was an ideal ruler of the great Ikshwaku dynasty (Surya Vansh). Ikshwaku, the king, is considered a descendant of Surya Dev, the Sun god.

People were happy and peaceful under Ram Rajya, Ram’s rule. Rakshasas (demons) were not able to kidnap anyone, disturb society or affect nature’s harmony. Elders were respected, and spouses and children were happy. No one was disrespected in their given area of work.  Even trees, plants and animals were taken care of. The whole earth was filled with happiness.

The story of Lord Ram is a remarkable one that can be narrated in all times. An ideal role model, those who learn about his heroic deeds feel a sense of pride.

Normally taught in the Amrita Gurukulam, Ramayana video conferences are now available directly from the Amrita SeRVe headquarters. Following the tradition of storytelling, the gurukula teachers impart the wisdom of this huge epic story by story.

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