Real strength should come from within. If we are going to rely only on the external, there is no stability. Through yoga, meditation, and spiritual practice we can achieve this goal.

God’s power is not something outside. It is within us. We need to awaken that power.

– Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

In the olden days, the people of India’s villages knew their inner strength. They were also completely tuned in with Nature. This lead to a complete harmony of being.

Our goal is to help India’s villagers to understand their inner strength and from that foundation, achieve true self-reliance. For many millennia, a completely self-reliant village was at the centre of Indian life. A vibrant culture that had evolved over thousands of years guided how to live. We want to revive this culture once again.

To begin with, we are teaching a system of simple yoga asanas and meditation for women, youth, and children that can be practised on a daily basis. Youth from the villages are also being trained in Amritapuri to become yoga teachers.

In addition, we are also conducting cultural awareness classes, teaching how to live in harmony with nature, and organising village-level sports events and camps for children and youth. Central to all of these is the idea of how to bring the village together for experiences that ultimately teach us how to celebrate the gift of life.

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