Shelter to Ensure the Workflow 

Thursday, December 27,  2018

Installation of the nine pillars.

Eight farmers, who have been cultivating lemongrass for one year already, contributed the money to cover costs for protecting the distillation unit from rain and scorching sun. Especially during the rainy season, the shelter will ensure the continuation of the lemongrass oil distillation.

Checking the roof.

Led by Amrita SeRVe’s agricultural program officer Ghansyam Upadhaya, more than 20 farmers participated in the construction work. After measuring the area to be covered, nine wood pillars were installed in the ground to support the roof. A strong bamboo support structure was constructed over the pillars onto which metal sheets were bolted at last.

Upon completing the work, a pooja was conducted on 25th December.

When the shelter was completed, an inauguration party was held to celebrate the completion of the work effort. A puja was conducted by Ghansyam and a senior farmer to express the group’s gratitude and seek blessings from the Divine.

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