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Skilled Women Entrepreneurs

Sunday 5th, November, 2023
Marayoor, Idukki, Kerala

Vijayalakshami Mohan, 36-year-old woman from Scheduled Caste partnered with Anjaly K Roy, 31, and the startup Ahana Tailoring Unit was created.

Vijayalakshmi was born and brought up in a poor family. Her father worked as an agricultural laborer in a tea estate. They lived on the limited income of her father.

When she turned eighteen, she married Mohan from the same village. After the marriage, her life had not changed much financially, but her responsibility increased. The family was unable to run the day-to-day affairs with the minimum income of Mohan.

She decided to earn money by working as an agricultural labourer for seven years, no financial change for the better happening in her life.

“I worked as an agricultural laborer for seven years, then my life changed to an entrepreneur.”
Ahana Tailoring Unit is a startup partnered with her friend.

Her friend informed her about the Amrita JSS’s Assistant Dress Maker Course conducted in that village. She joined the training after she successfully completed it. Then, she decided to start a shop or a small venture of her own. She approached Kudumbasree Self-Help Group for a business loan. They offered a good amount for her startup with her batchmate Anjaly K Roy.

Anjaly is a plus two dropout 31-year-old woman who lives with her husband Vipin and two children in the same village as

Vijayalakshmi. Vipin was working as a marketing executive in a small company. His income was not sufficient to run the family, so Anjaly also worked as a sales person in a small textile Marayoor, earning 6000 rupees per month as a salary.

6000 rupees per month was not sufficient for us. Through this Amrita JSS Idukki’s Dress Maker Course training, I can easily earn more than 20 000 rupees per month.’’

She had a great passion for the apparel production.  When she heard about the Assistant Dress Maker course from Amrita JSS Idukki, she joined the course spending two hours daily. After the completion of the course, she planned to start a new business and discussed this matter with Vijayalakshmi.

They approached Kudumabsree SHGs, and the 4,00,000 lakhs Rupees loan was sanctioned.

Soon, Ahana Tailoring Unit emerged. The young successful women from Marayoor village in the Idukki district increased the monthly total turnover to an average of 40 thousand rupees.

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