Solar Power, Study Power

Monday, October 3, 2016

How to bring the light of solar power to the light of education? In Devgain, Jharkhand, there is often no electricity, sometimes for up to a week at time. Often the power comes back for two or three days and then is cut for another week. Among many things, it is difficult for students to study at night.

Now a sponsor and Amrita SeRVe have arranged to get a rechargeable solar lamp for evening tuition class.

One cannot even capture in words the difference this has made for the young people’s studies. Fifteen students come every evening to study and stress has been relieved. In fact, when the solar light was installed,  the power had been out for many days. Some of the students were urgently studying for entrance to government sector and railway jobs.

Chandan, the Amrita SeRVe fellow in Devgain, says the students are grateful and their families are extremely happy.

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