Something for Others  

May 4, 2020
Harirampura, Rajasthan

One evening about a week ago, Jagan and Ghanshyam were at a meeting catching up on the latest when they were joined by a few fellow farmers. The discussion that ensued was on a topic near and dear to their hearts. What could they contribute to society? They soon came to a decision: they would donate 10-20 kilos of recently harvested organic wheat to people in need.

Upon hearing about the decision of their fellow farmers, nearby Sankda village farmers joined the project. Over 30 farmers collected 700 kg of organic wheat. Sarpanch was informed and the District Collector contacted. He immediately responded to this noble gesture by coming, together with his team, for a visit to Harirampura.

After the farmers had made 10 kg packets of wheat, Sarpanch sent a vehicle to collect them for further distribution. The donated wheat will be distributed by the government to the nearby areas of Raghuwanti and Malarna villages, as well as to migrant workers living in the town of Gangapur. The wheat will go to the most poor and needy. Six families in Harirampura will also be taken care of.

“This is the nature of giving. They felt that they should contribute in some way to society, and then more people joined in,” says village coordinator Rajesh Meena.

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