Start-up Superfood Mushroom Venture 

Friday, January 11,  2019

Renu Bala and Munni Devi, two women from Kanti village in Haryana, began a new venture cultivating Paddy Straw mushrooms, a highly nutritious “superfood.” Mushrooms and all fungi require favorable conditions to grow in, which they replicated in homemade sheds with the help of village coordinator Vipin.

Amrita SeRVe agricultural program officer, Ghanshyam, inspired the women by telling them about a government small business start-up scheme. The Horticulture department of Haryana is supporting mushroom cultivation and small scale businesses for women by offering a start-up subsidy. Village coordinator Vipin assisted in the application process, which was learn this here now

Kanti mushroom 2

By nurturing their own first crop of mushrooms, Renu and Munni have motivated other women to consider starting their own mushroom cultivation business.

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