Health Workers Week – Hand Washing

During Health Worker Week, many activities are done in the villages with a lead of Amrita SeRVe health worker.

Organic Mustard Crop: A Family Affair

For the first time, organically cultivated mustard is being harvested in Harirampura, Rajasthan.

Mahua Laddus Taking Shape in Chhattisgarh

SHG women in Malgaon, Chhattisgarh, know how to make mahua laddus.

School bag distribution in Bihar

Children got 300 new school bags in Bihar villages given by AmritaRITE.

Awareness is the First Step

Cooperation with the government professionals led to series of substance abuse awareness sessions in Wayanad, Kerala.

Women’s Day 2019 Celebrations

Collection of impressions from Women's Day celebrations in the villages across the country.

Guiding Lights of Social Responsibility

Students of Mass Communication Department, Ettimadai campus, held a fund-raising event for SHG women in Tamil Nadu.

Soil Testing Kits for Farmers

At Amma’s program in Hyderabad, Gudipadi Cheruvu farmers received certificates on soil testing granted by IIRR.

Yoga for Women in Ratanpur and Hadiyabad

Women enjoy yoga practice in Bihar villages under the guidance of village coordinator Urmila.

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