Searching for Sita

Children brought a beloved story from the Ramayana onto the stage during summer camp.

SHG Women Availing Social Security Schemes

Women from three SHG groups in Maira village, Punjab, claiming the benefits of government insurance schemes.

Celebrating Menstrual Hygiene

Annual Menstrual Hygiene Day event is organized by the health worker in all over Amrita SeRVe villages.

Summer Camp Is Here

For six days children will gather to have playful educational moments through art and crafts, yoga and storytelling.

Heroines of Conquering the Alphabet

How inspirational stories have sparked the thrive for literacy of SHG members in Pandori village, Jammu

Savings Accounts for Tribal Kids

Anil says: "Initially we started saving to spend on toys and clothes for festivals but now we are also saving for our future"

Mushroom Cultivation Started in Uttarakhand

Deeksha Devi is very excited “We are embarking on this new venture with great confidence. Nobody here grows mushrooms for sale. An assured market is waiting for us”

Earth Day Celebration 2018

Earth Day 2018 Celebrated in Amrita SeRVe Villages Across the Country

Paromita, Peaking at the Pinnacle

Paromita was at home helping her mother with the household chores at an hour that she would have been in school had it been the year before.

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