Open Defecation Free Rally

Villagers gather in Guptapada, Odisha to rally and make their home an open-defecation-free village.

An Old Temple Comes Back to Life

Villlagers in Devgain, Jharkhand have come together to rebuild a centuries old temple that had fallen to the ground.

Cleaning Up a Community Centre

A community centre in Kanti, Haryana got a makeover--indoor toilet installed and bright, clean paint job on the walls.

The Best Tasting Medicine

A delicious treat also means tremendous health benefits--black sesame seed balls.

Making Home Visits for Health

Our health workers visit the homes of villagers to get in touch with them about their health needs.

Planting Next Organic Rice Crop

Our farmers club in Sadivayal is planting the Bhavani Rice sprouts for the second time.

Teachers Lighting the Path

Gratitude to the people building ways to a better future--village teachers.

Addressing Health Challenges

We are finding pressing health needs in our new village of Nagla Purviya, UP.

School Girls Opt for Cloth Pads

The use of reusable pads is a powerful way to decrease pollution to the environment.

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