Water Pot for Birds



Sunday, April 11, 2021

In the video (2019), Gurukulam teacher in Bihar explains the importance of this Bhuta Yajna, service to animals.

It is the time in the year when the birds have to seek water with great effort. In India, the temperature can rise to 40-50 degree celsius, so little birds and animals are in immediate threat to languish from thirst.

Gurukulam children in Rajasthan village know this, and with the lead of their teacher they have installed an earthen water pot to relieve the thirst of these small visitors. During the hot season, the students are providing the birds a shady place to drink water and rest.

In front of courtyard, terrace or rooftop the vessel can be kept. The children are instructed that earthen pot is the best since the water in plastic and steel containers will get heated. The water pot needs to be cleaned from time to time to prevent any diseases to spread. Children are keeping the pots together with their friends in a place where the birds usually come. Also, a plate of grains can be kept beside.

Water, grains, shade and love; this is the Bhuta Yajna for the birds.


Earthen pot installed by Gurukulam students in Rajasthan.
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