Yoga – Awareness in Every Action

September 2018

In India yoga has always been there in the collective memory of Her children. Amrita SeRVe has revived this culture in some places where yoga has become part of every day life.

Yoga teachers and practitioners in Amritapuri carefully designed a very effective and simple asana sequence for this purpose. It includes Surya Namaskar followed by easy poses done with breath awareness. Meditation concludes the whole asana sequence.

In the villages, any suitable place is used for yoga sessions. Those are held everywhere: rooftops, fields, homes, under the trees, school classrooms and verandahs, playgrounds, local community centers and parks. Ideally, tarpaulins and mats are used to cover the ground.

Whenever an Amrita SeRVe yoga instructor begins a session, people gather immediately – especially children. Now the practices have become regular for many children who are having a session either in the morning before school or in the evening after school. Group sizes may vary from 5-60 participants. The health workers give yoga sessions for self-help group women as well.

Our field experiences show that people are eager to do yoga even though they have never practiced before. Amrita SeRVe has been creating a platform for villagers to get together and practice yoga.

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